David B. Scott - Artist


David Scott spent his childhood roaming the countryside around the town of Cambridge, New Zealand.  By the time he entered primary school David showed a natural affinity for the visual arts.  After receiving a bursary for outstanding artistic achievement in High School, David attended the Waikato Polytechnic Institute, where he received a degree in Fine Arts-Painting in 1996.  Bitten by the Kiwi travel bug, David spent a few years roaming around Europe and North America.  While on a working holiday in Canada, David met his wife, Lisa.  David has three children, a regular job, and the determination to make a career out of what he loves best: art.  Precision and attention to detail guide David’s paintbrush as he attempts to capture Alberta’s vivid landscapes and its inhabitants.  David favours the bright palette and stark contrast typical of New Zealand art.  Not restricted to oil, David also works in acrylic, pencil and watercolour.  Many of David’s commissions have been commercial in nature, including a mural outside La Tienda Cigar in Edmonton.  You can see David’s work at the Art Gallery of St. Albert and on his Facebook page. 

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