David B. Scott - Artist

Artist Statement



For the past fifteen years my artistic practice has centered on an exploration of the interaction between the natural and built environments of Western Canada.   My most recent work examines the transitional nature of human habitation and relationships with rural landscapes as we move away from the agrarian, colonial past of the family homestead toward a future whereby large-scale corporate usage of these sites becomes more prevalent.  Left behind are relics of the past, buildings that are left to decay and return to the earth through biological and mechanical means at the behest of natural processes. At the intersection of the built environment and its ongoing decomposition I find a rich and variable visual field to explore through my drawings and paintings.  

My approach to painting relies on precise rendering from start to finish.  My practice also depends on the continued development of my drawing skills; providing a strong foundation for the thin layers of paint I will use to clothe the ‘skeleton’ of a landscape, interior, or object.  I often use ink to allow the structure of the composition to show through the oil. This process requires painstaking attention to detail in order to reveal the juxtaposition of both the composition of the original built object and the processes of decay acting on the object.  In terms of palate, I prefer high contrasts that help delineate contours while promoting an immersive visual experience for the viewer to full enter into the scene.



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