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Artist Statement

Artist Statement

David Scott


As a young boy I would draw on huge scraps of paper, often spanning several feet, brought home by my father from his upholstery shop.  These early canvasses were the beginning of a life long passion. Curious by nature, I like to see what is over every hill and around every corner.  My earliest memories are of exploring our farm in rural New Zealand. I crawled under barns and wandered through sheds, always in search of some discovery or abandoned treasure.


I continued to satisfy my curious nature by traveling across the globe in my twenties, eventually coming to rest in Western Canada. The mountains, prairies and parklands quickly became my new backyard; I love nothing more than to jump in the vehicle in search of new experiences.  Armed with my camera, I record landscapes and objects, taking photos of items that may seem mundane to others, but to me have the potential of finding their way onto my canvas.


My style of painting relies on precise rendering from start to finish.  A lot of my practice depends on the continued development of my drawing skills; providing a strong foundation for the thin layers of paint I will use to clothe the ‘skeleton’ of a landscape, interior, or object.  I often use ink to allow the structure of the composition to show through the oil.  In terms of palate, I prefer high contrasts that carefully delineate contours and allow the viewer to enter into the scene. Such precision is painstaking, but rewarding.  


As I continue to develop my practice as a professional artist, I look forward to a continued exploration of my adopted country: its landscapes, inhabitants, and objects.